Bosch C7 12v & 24v Battery Charger 7 Amp

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12v & 24v Battery Charger

- Wet lead acid (including calcium and calcium-silver)
- AGM (absorbent glass mat)
- Gel
- SLA (sealed lead acid)
- Deep Cycle batteries 12v up 230Ah, 24v up to 120Ah

Cars, 4WDs, Boats, Motorhomes and Trucks with 12v to 24v battery systems.

Key Features:
- Maintenance charging mode automatically switches on when battery drops below 12.8v. No risk of overcharging as it can be left connected to batteries indefinitely.

- SmartAMPs Technology Continuously monitors the condition of the battery at every phase to charge at the optimum current and avoid under or overcharging.

- Micro Computer Unit provides state-of-the-art charging to restore sulfated, discharged, and acid stratified batteries to their original capacity without under or overcharging

Rated output voltage: 12v / 24v 
Rated output current: 12v (7amp) 24v (3.5amp) 
Stages: 6 Stage Smart charger
Charging current: 7 A (+-0.7A) 5 A (+-0.5 A) 3.5A (+-0.35A) 1.5A (+-0.3A)
Degree of protection: IP65 (dustproof, splashproof)
Battery Sizes: 12v: 14Ah – 230Ah
                        24v: 14Ah – 120Ah 
Fuse (internal): 10A
Dimensions: 197 x 108 x 65 mm


 C7 Battery Charger