Panasonic SLA battery 12v 28Ah LC-XC1228P

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Panasonic Golf Trundler Deep Cycle battery SLA battery 12v 28Ah LC-XC1228P

The LC-XC Deep Cycle battery range from Panasonic are dedicated cyclic batteries specifically designed for Golf Trundlers and Electric WheelChairs, Electric Motors. The LC-XC1228 models offer up to a 17% capacity advantage against most competing models. 

The battery is fully sealed, valve regulated, spill proof, and perfectly safe to use in enclosed environments. 

Designed to provide outstanding performance and full reliable power  with superior quality manufactured by the world's leader in batteries Panasonic.

- 12v 28Ah
Terminals: M5 Nut & Bolt
- Dimensions: (L)165  (W)125  (H)175mm
- Weight: 10.5kg

Golf Trundler battery
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