2 x Paslode 6v 2.0Ah Ni-Cd ( Special Price 2 x pack !!)


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Paslode Nail Gun Battery x 2

A high quality Paslode Ni-Cd 2.0Ah aftermarket replacement battery. This is a much higher capacity battery than the original Paslode batteries which are 1.4Ah Ni-Cd. This means longer run times and improved durability. 

Suitable for the following power tools:

- 900420 Cordless Framing Nailer
- 900600 Cordless Angled Finish Nailer
- 901000 Cordless Brad Nailer
- 902000 Cordless Straight Finish Nailer

These batteries are 100% compatible with all Paslode 6 volt battery chargers.

- Voltage: 6v
- Capacity: 2.0Ah
- Cell type: Ni-Cd