PowerSonic 6v 4.5Ah SLA battery


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SLA battery 6v 4.5Ah

This range of PowerSonic SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) VRLA batteries are dedicated for Duck Decoys, UPS, Standby and Cyclic applications including; emergency lighting, alarms, fire systems, Kontiki fishing, medical equipment, communications. 

The Power-Sonic PS Series batteries are approved by CSIRO for use in fire control and indicating equipment and are listed at ActivFire® Register of Fire Protection Equipment

- 6v 4.5Ah
Terminals: F1: 4.75mm wide Faston Tab
- Dimensions: (L)70  (W)47  (H)105mm 
- Weight: .73kg
- Warranty: 12 months 
PS-640 F1