Bosch Ride On Lawn Mower battery U1-260


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Ride On Lawnmower battery - New Model

Bosch Lawn Mower batteries are made to deliver dependable performance and reliability in the harshest of environments. Featuring expanded plate designs, advanced paste material, Calcium / Calcium technology and hard wearing internal components.

This model of Bosch battery is specifically designed for Ride-on Lawn Mowers and small machinery. This battery range delivers on starting power, dependable performance and reliability.

- Volts: 12
- Plate design: Calcium 
- CCA: 260
- AH: 23
- RC (mins): 38
- Dimensions: (L)197  (W)136  (H)186mm    
- Assembly: B (+ -)
- Terminal: Lug 
U1-230 Lawn Mower battery