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Our customers have often informed us that our prices are at least 20% to 30% less compared to Supercheap Auto, Repco and various other established retailers. We offer lower prices to our customers by having lower overheads and by reducing our margins to offer our customers the best products at the best possible price.
Posted by Batteryworx NZ Ltd. on 29 June, 2016 4 comments
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  • rich - January 01, 2017

    Hi I have a B&D 18V NI CD for a hedge trimmer. Would you recommend a NIMH upgrade battery? Can i use the same charger and how much would a battery repack cost? thanks

  • Alex Cooke - August 08, 2016

    hi i have a year 2001 mazda bongo diesel van i need a new battery i have begin tolled i need a ns70 can you help an a price please also do you freight these to matamata if you can price this for me all up please an what make are these batteries please thanks alex

  • Dmitry - July 19, 2016


    I have a Powerall battery bank with 12000mAh Li-Ion batttery. I have used it to power a car dehumidifier through it’s jumpstarter leads and let it run dry. I’m guessing that it discharged below the voltage that it’s own recharging circuit allows, so it’s not charging.
    I followed some internet wisdom and bought a balance charger, and it didn’t help – it can charge the battery, but not in balance mode, and once charged, it holds a lot less charge and the embedded charger doesn’t kick in either.

    The battery looks like that from your website – , only it has two big leads that output 12v and what appears to be a balance jack with 4 connectors. It’s internal charger is connecting only to the balance jack.

    Do you know how to fix it/can replace dead cells? What would it cost?

    Thank you,

  • Martin - June 29, 2016

    very true , I purchase BOSCH DIN53 battery from Batteryworx yesterday and it was $70 cheaper than Repco

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