Deep Cycle Batteries- Fullriver AGM and GEL Battery Range

Fullriver deep cycle AGM (DC Series) batteries are ideal for applications that require sealed batteries with a proven track record for heavy-duty cycling capabilities or power supply. Quality Deep-Cycle AGM batteries are designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times. Fullriver AGM Deep-Cycle batteries are used in numerous applications and are the preferred option where safety, cleanliness, long-life and totally maintenance-free operation are desired. 

Fullriver Deep-Cycle GEL (DCG Series) batteries are maintenance-free and require no servicing while providing you with the unmatched quality and power of Fullriver advanced deep cycle GEL battery technology. Fullriver GEL batteries featuring long-lasting power delivery and typically superior cycle-life compared to flooded deep-cycle batteries, particularly in harsh environment or demanding applications.