Website terms and conditions

Batteryworx NZ Ltd attempts to describe and load pictures of items available on our website as accurately as possible. Most products are pictured with original photos showing the item and model number. A number of generic photos were used to provide a guideline to the visual appearances. Due to manufacturing modifications and technical advancements pictures may not always be 100% accurate, however the product specifications will meet or exceed our customers expectations. The content of the website is obtained from various sources and as such, product descriptions, prices and images are subject to change at any point without notice.

We will do our best to ensure stock is available for supply but occasional delays may still occur. We will endeavour to remedy any problems or offer alternatives quickly. We will try to make sure that the information on the website is accurate and up-to-date. Any errors in description or pricing will be corrected and you will be notified/re-invoiced correctly. 

If you receive an item not as described to your original order, you can return the product unused and we will process a refund, or provide a substitute, whichever at your request.


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