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Deep Cycle battery information

Batteryworx NZ Ltd.Feb 21, '17
Important information for anyone looking at purchasing Deep Cycle batteries
Deep Cycle batteries are great for providing power and back up battery storage for items such as, Boats, Motor Homes, Solar Systems, Electric Motors, Mobility Scooters, Floor Sweepers, 4WDs, Golf Trundlers, Emergency Lighting, Camping, and Off Grid applications etc. 
Deep Cycle batteries shouldn't be confused with Starter batteries. This is because Starter batteries are designed to deliver short, high current bursts for starting/cranking car, van and truck engines etc. 
There are many types of Deep Cycle batteries and the correct batteries need to be selected for the right application. Before you purchase any Deep Cycle batteries call Batteryworx and we will provide you with the best options and the best quality batteries for your requirements.

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