Century Deep Cycle Flooded battery 8v 170Ah

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Deep Cycle battery

Century Deep Cycle Flooded Industrial batteries have the strength and durability to provide tough, dependable power in heavy duty and industrial applications. Unlike standard batteries, which have thinner lead plates Deep Cycle batteries are constructed with thicker plates of a high antimony lead alloy and denser paste of active material to withstand constant discharge and charge cycling.  
(Cycling: the process of discharge - drawing power out and recharging to restoring full power).

The key features and benefits of our Deep Cycle Flooded (Industrial) batteries includes: thicker and heavier plates, heavy cast-on connector straps, high density lead oxide paste to provide superior current flow, exceptional vibration resistance, longer cycle life, rugged case and lid - impervious to harsh environments.

- Volts: 8
- Ah: (20hr) 170
- Dimensions: (L)262  (W)179  (H)276mm
- Weight: 28kg
- Assembly: D
- Terminal: Uni