Car Battery Information

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Ultra Hi Performance Range 

Century Ultra Hi Performance batteries are the ultimate in battery performance and technology. They feature specialist internal components, unique design features and industry leading technologies to combat the causes of battery failure and deliver what motorists really want - longer life and superior performance.

Calcium battery plate groups, advanced grid designs and optimised paste formulation combine to deliver superior starting power, exceptional corrosion resistance, longer life and the performance to handle the demands of today's accessory-laden vehicles. Century Ultra Hi Performance car and passenger vehicle batteries are the choice of the serious motorist.

Some of the features and benefits include:

• Corrosion-resistant calcium technology
• Maximum starting power and reserve capacity
• Zero maintenance requirement
• Battery state indicator
• Ergonomic carry handles

Hi Performance Range

Century Hi Performance car and passenger vehicle batteries are designed to suit our unique conditions. They feature expanded plate designs, calcium/calcium technology and hardwearing internal components to reduce corrosion, gassing and water loss for dependable power and performance when it is needed the most.

Some of the features and benefits include:

• Calcium expanded grid technology
• Low self-discharge rate
• Reduced gassing and maintenance
• Built-in carry handle
• Greater starting power and reserve capacity

Extra Heavy Duty Range

Century Extra Heavy Duty car and passenger vehicle batteries are a range of low maintenance and maintenance free batteries designed to meet the performance and fitment requirements of 1990's Australian manufactured and Imported vehicles of similar age.

Built tough to suit New Zealand’s diverse and cool environment the range incorporates both Antimonial hybrid and Calcium technology with specialist plate design to reduce self-discharge, corrosion, gassing and water loss.

Some of the features and benefits include:

• Low maintenance antimonial technology
• Ideal for older vehicles with low voltage alternators
• Reliable starting power
• Maintainable design for water addition
• Built tough for New Zealand conditions

ISS Idle Stop Start systems

Vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start (ISS) systems are often referred to as mild or micro hybrids and have been developed by vehicle manufacturers to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in line with environmental regulations.

An ISS System works in some situations by shutting off the engine when the vehicle stops, is idling or when the brake is applied. Once the accelerator is depressed the engine restarts enabling the vehicle to be driven. They incorporate innovative design features and specialist raw materials to provide the cycling performance needed to handle frequent discharge and recharge cycles, high charge acceptance for rapid recharge in between engine off modes and the extra power to run electrics whilst the engine is switched off.
By shutting off the vehicle’s engine, the ISS system eliminates the amount of fuel that would otherwise have been used, thus reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
ISS batteries utilise thicker battery plates, high density active material, specialist alloy and paste additives for highly durable battery grids that differentiate them from standard automotive batteries. This delivers superior performance whilst maximising the fuel saving benefits of Idle Stop Start Systems. 

The range is also suitable for use in vehicles that do not incorporate ISS systems as they offer improved starting power and greatly enhanced cycling ability.