Energex 12v/24v 8amp Automatic Battery Charger 7-Stage

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Energex Battery charger uses intelligent microprocessor charging technology to perform 7 separate charging stages. The charger is fully automatic and will switch itself off when finished to prevent overcharging. The charger and battery are protected against accidental reverse connection, making them safer to use. 



  •  Intelligent microprocessor charging technology 
  •  Automatic selection of 12v and 24v batteries
  •  Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  •  Advanced repair function for completely drained batteries
  •  Compatible with all Lead Acid, SLA, GEL, Wet Flooded and AGM batteries
  •  Automatic cooling fan to prevent overheating while charging
  •  7 Stage automatic (desulphation, soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis, boost & float)


  •  Input: 175-225v 50hz with standard NZ/AU Plug
  •  Stages: 7 Stage Automatic
  •  Battery Voltage: 12v or 24v Automatically Selected
  •  Charge Current: 4amp / 6amp / 8amp Selectable
  •  Automotive Battery Size: 12v 120-800ccA / 6-20hrs charge
  •  Marine Battery Size: 140-1000mcA / 6-20hrs charge
  •  Deep Cycle Battery Size: 17-100ahr / 6-20hrs charge