12V 39Ah Lead Carbon Deep Cycle Battery

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Remco 12V 39Ah Lead Carbon AGM Technology Deep Cycle Battery

Superior Deep Cycle battery performance providing on average 50% greater cycle life compared to good quality AGM Deep Cycle batteries. Lead Carbon AGM Deep-Cycle batteries are used in numerous applications and are the preferred option where safety, long-life and totally maintenance-free operation are desired. 
- Excellent energy storage capacity combined with high reliability
- Sulphation resistant batteries 
- Longer charge capacity rates
- Very low gassing due to the internal gas recombination
- Require no special ventilation or cooling
- High cycle service life
- Improved high-temperature resistance
- Ultra-reliable

- Volts: 12V
- Amp Hours Rating: 39Ah (C20)
- Technology : Lead Carbon AGM 
- Dimensions: (L)195mm  (W)130mm  (H)164mm  
- Terminal Type: M6-Button Terminal
- Weight: 11kg
- Warranty: 1 year 

12V 39Ah