Power Train 8 Stage Battery Charger - 20 Amp


$299.00 $389.00


Power Train 8 Stage 20 Amp 12V Battery Charger

- Charge Stages: 8 Stages
- Current Output: 20 Amp
- Battery Type:  Chargers 12v batteries including: Lead Acid/Calcium, Gel/AGM, Wet Flooded (Automotive & Deep Cycle batteries) ideal for Battery banks.

- Built-in microchip monitoring and charging control system
- Optimally designed charging cycle designed for Lead Acid, Gel, Flooded and Calcium batteries.

- Effectively analyses the battery and enhances battery life.
- Automatic adjustment of charging voltages according to environmental temperature.
- Overcharge protection; protecting the battery from damage due to overcharging
- Reverse polarity protection. short circuit protection. overload protection.

- Battery Type Selector Switch ( Lead-acid Battery require lower charging voltage compared to Calcium Battery)
- Built in Automatic cooling fan.
- Charging state L.E.D indicators and charge curve diagram (clearly identifying charging state and sequence to the operator).


 Car battery charger - Boat battery charger - Deep Cycle battery charger - AGM battery charger   


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