Power Train Smart Battery Charger 6/12/24v - 10 Amp


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Automotive Battery Charger 

Chargers 6v & 12v & 24v Batteries

The Power Train SBC10M smart battery charger is designed to charge light, medium and heavy duty batteries including GEL, Lead Acid, AGM and Calcium chemistries used in motorcycles, cars, boats, trucks and industrial equipment. Variable voltage selection, it can also be used on 6V, 12V or 24V applications. The charger is controlled by sophisticated on board programming, enabling quick and safe charging. The charger automatically implements a 3 stage charging algorithm and can remain connected to a battery indefinitely providing a safe and efficient maintenance program. 

    -  Fully automatic 3 stage charging system (Boost / Absorption / Float)
    -  Heavy duty aluminium case
    -  Easy to read Amperage and Voltage display gauges
    -  Selectable for 6, 12 and 24V batteries
    -  User selectable GEL, Lead Acid and Calcium charging modes
    -  Optimally designed charging cycle designed for Lead Acid / AGM, Gel, & Calcium,starting and deep cycle batteries
    -  Reverse polarity, short circuit, overload and high temperature protection
    -  10 amp maximum charging output
    6v battery charger
    12v battery charger
    24v battery charger