Sonnenschein 2v Solar block battery


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2v Sonnenschein Solar Block battery 

The Sonnenschein Solar Block battery range is very powerful and reliable in rough application conditions. Manufactured in Germany to very high quality standards. They provide excellent discharge/recharge cycling performance and are an ideal energy source for small to large solar systems. 

- 2v Dryfit Gel – VRLA technology
- 606Ah @C100 1.85Vpc
- 623Ah @C120 1.85Vpc
- Exceptional cycling performance – 3000+ cycles* at 60 % Depth of Discharge C10
- Proof against deep discharge – greater long-term energy delivery
- Strong tubular plate technology – for longer life in the toughest conditions
- Completely Sealed, spillproof design
- Maintenance Free operation
- Dimensions: (H)473 (W)147 (D)208mm
- Terminal: M8 Insert
- Weight: 35kg
2v Solar battery