36v Battery Charger 18Amp hour


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Delta-Q IC650 36v Battery Charger    

36v 650W Industrial Battery Charger

Capable of charging lead acid (Wet, AGM, Gel) and lithium battery chemistries, the IC650 Charger is available in on- and off-board configurations. Optional CAN bus communication ensures seamless machine integration and AC/DC cabling is completely customizable. Applications include: Scissor lifts, Forklifts, Floor Scrubbers, Golf carts, Mobility scooters, Lifting platforms. 

These battery chargers are completely sealed, and passively cooled without the use of fans, and can withstand temperature extremes, moisture and high vibration.

Easy to Integrate: Assists machine troubleshooting with built-in charge cycle tracking. Download data / upgrade software through USB host port. 

- Nominal DC output voltage 36 V 
- Maximum DC output current 27.1 A
- Maximum DC output power 650 W
- Deep discharge recovery (minimum voltage) 1.2 V
- Battery type Lead acid (Wet / AGM / GEL), Lithium
- Field programmable with up to 25 battery charge profiles
- Reverse polarity Electronic protection with auto-reset
- Short circuit Electronic current limit
- Safety UL1564, CSA 107.2, EN 60335-2-29, AZ/NZS60335 (RSM)
- Dimensions: (L)186  (W)252  (H)80mm  
- Weight: 3.0kg  

Delta-Q battery Charger