Power Train Battery Charger - 6 Amp


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Car Battery charger

- Heavy duty - multi purpose charger 
- Charge Stages: 7 Stages
- Pulse mode that reduces oxidization 
- Current Output: 6 Amp
- Output Voltage (Nom): 6/12 V
- Battery Type Supported: Gel / Calcium / Lead Acid 

    - Zero voltage minimum start – Can charge a completely flat battery.
    - LED display shows percentage of battery charge
    - Built-in microchip charging control and monitoring system.
    - Automatic adjustment of charging voltages according to environmental temperature.
    - Overcharge protection, protecting the battery from damage due to overcharging.
    - Reverse polarity, short circuit, overload and high temperature protection.
    - Optimally designed charging cycle designed for Lead Acid / Gel, & Calcium, starting and deep cycle batteries.

    Car battery charger - Boat battery charger - Deep Cycle battery charger