Century Severe Service battery AXD26R 750cca


$469.00 $559.00

Century Severe Service batteries incorporate Antimonial spcialist grid alloys, robust plate technology with low resistance separators to improve cranking capacity, minimise self discharge and deliver longer life. The accessible design allows for top up of electrolyte levels where repeated cyclic use enhances gassing rates and water consumption. 

Some of the features and benefits include:

• Antimonial low maintenance grid alloys
• Extra thick plate technology to better cope with applications where cycle duty is commonplace (tail lifts, hiabs, taxis and couriers)
• Thick fibreglass separators for better active material retention and vibration resistance
• An extensive footprint range to suit common automotive applications right through to large trucks with 12V parallel strings
• Up to 24 months warranty


- Volts: 12
- Plate design: Calcium AGM
- CCA: 750
- RC (mins): 140
- Dimensions: (L)260  (W)176  (H)225mm
- Assembly: D
- Terminal: Standard

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