Battery Charger - Charge up to 3 batteries - 20 Amp output

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Automotive battery charger - charge 3 batteries at the same time

The Power Train charger is a sophisticated 6 stage 20 Amp automatic battery charger designed to charge up to 3 x 12v automotive batteries simultaneously. Ideal for the home garage or workshop where multiple charging applications are required.

Incorporating a 6 stage microprocessor controlled charging system, it will safely and efficiently charge banks of batteries of the same chemistry.

The unit is designed for both conventional lead acid batteries and the higher outputs required by calcium technology, and can be selected between the two using the switch on the front panel. This charger is ideal for all automotive, marine and motor homes / caravan applications.

6 stage pulse battery charger X 3
- Built in microchip monitoring and controlling system.
- Accurate voltage and current detection, monitoring on both input AC and output DC.
- User selectable chemistry between lead acid and calcium.
- Complete 6 stage pulse charging cycle including soft start / bulk / absorption / analysis / boost and float modes.
- Automatically adjusts the charging voltage across each battery by analyzing internal
- charger temperature.
- Overcharge, reverse polarity overload and high temperature protections.
- Built in automatic cooling fan
- Inbuilt battery testing with “faulty battery” indicator and warning alarm.
- Output Voltage Lead Acid - Absorption 14.7V / Boost 15.5V / Float 13.7V
- Output voltage Calcium - Absorption 15.6V / Boost 16.2V / Float 13.7V