Power Train Battery Charger - 2.5 Amp

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Power Train 3 stage 2.5amp battery charger suitable for automotive batteries ranging up to 500cca rating and deep cycle batteries with amp hour rating up to 60ah.

Power Train 3 stage chargers are the perfect solution for recreational or seasonal vehicles. Designed to be permanently connected to battery, providing maintenance charge and ensuring battery is always ready whenever needed. 


- Advanced 3 stage charging mode (Boost, Absorption, Float)
- Over charge protection
- Short circuit protection
- Built in microchip monitoring and charging control system
- Reverse polarity protection with warning lights and audible buzzer
- Charging state indicators


- Type: 3 Stage Automatic Charger (Boost / Absorption / Float)
- Output Voltage Lead Acid: Charge 14.7v / Float 13.7v
- Output Voltage Calcium: Charge 15.6v / Float 13.8v
- Output Current: 2500mA MAX
- Deep Cycle Battery Range: 12ah-60ah
- Starting Battery Range: Up to 500ccA