Century Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12v 270Ah GREAT DEAL !!!!

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Century AGM Deep Cycle Battery the ultimate in deep cycle battery performance, designed to provide longer life and dependable deep cycling capability in the harshest of operating conditions and environments.

The Century Deep Cycle AGM range utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology which absorbs the liquid electrolyte within highly porous glass fiber mat separators. This eliminates loose electrolyte whilst the sealed maintenance free design prevents acid leaks and the need for on-going maintenance. Extra strong grid designs, superior active paste material and robust internal components ensure lower self discharge, superior vibration resistance, longer cycle life and improved recharge capabilities.


- Volts: 12
- Plate design: AGM Deep Cycle battery
- Ah: (20hr) 270
- Dimensions: (L)520  (W)268  (H)220mm
- Weight: 74kg
- Terminal: M8 Insert