Lithium Ion Jump Starter/ Power Bank

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Lithium Ion Jump Starter/Power Pack  

Energex Lithium Ion Jump Starter/ Portable Power Pack is ideal for power sports, motorcycles and 8 cylinder cars, providing a quick jump start in emergencies. From Energex's Lithium Jump Starters line, this unit offers 300 peak amps of power in a compact case. Plus, it has a USB port for fast charging all USB devices. This unit quickly jump starts vehicles, with a Lithium Ion Polymer battery to provide longer life and more charge cycles. Safe smart cable/clamps provide spark-free protection against overcurrent, short-circuit, overload, overvoltage and overcharge. 

Lithium Iron Polymer battery ─ Provides longer life and more charge cycles 
- Safe smart cable/clamps ─ Spark-free protection against overcurrent, short-circuit,       overload, overvoltage and overcharge
Compact design with soft-touch finish
- Faster charging for all USB devices
- Ultra bright LED light
- Output Current (Peak): 300A
- Dimensions: 160mm × 85mm × 30mm 
- Weight: 1Kg