Delkor DIN75AGM LN4 Battery [Replacement for Varta F21]

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Delkor Premium AGM DIN75 LN4 Battery 800cca

Delkor automotive batteries are powered by Clarios, a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions. Unprecedented performance, even in the most demanding conditions. Offers up to 3x the cycle life of a standard flooded battery when used in start-stop vehicles. Excellent starting power, even at lower charge states and start-stop systems. Greater cycling power and reliability with non-spillable, sealed packaging that mounts anywhere, in any orientation

- Volts: 12
- Design: AGM   
- CCA: 800
- RC (mins): 140
- Ah: (20hr) 80
- Dimensions: (L)315  (W)175  (H)190mm 
- Assembly: A (- +)
- Terminal: Standard