Endurant Deep Cycle Battery 6v 220Ah [Made in USA]

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Endurant Deep Cycle battery 6v 220Ah [Made in USA]

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Industrial Deep Cycle battery designed for high energy applications such as Golf Carts, Floor Sweepers, Scissor lifts, Work platforms, Winches, Recreational use and Marine applications. Endurant Industrial Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries are designed with thicker and heavier plates. These batteries are designed to withstand repeated discharging and recharging and offers sustained power over extended period. 99% heavy duty pure lead internal plate connectors and high density paste to provide exceptional current flow and superior vibration resistance for deep cycle purpose. 

- Volts: 6
- Ah: (20hr) 220
- Type: Wet Flooded
- Dimensions: (L)262  (W)179  (H)244  (TH)277 
- Weight: 28kg
- Terminal: (- +) Standard Dual Fit 
Forklift Battery
Scissor lift Battery
Golf cart Battery
6v 220Ah           
6v 220Ah