Enerdrive ePro Battery Monitor




Enerdrive Battery Monitor and Battery connection kit

Enerdrive Battery Monitors give you a smart, precise status of your batteries at a glance.

The ePRO battery monitors will selectively display voltage, charge and discharge current, consumed amp-hours, remaining battery capacity & time remaining.

- Provides critical information about the status of your battery bank
- Displays voltage, current, consumed amp hours and remaining battery capacity - Supports up to 3 battery banks 
- Auto sensing battery voltage inputs
- Alarm function for low battery or battery attention
- Large backlit LCD Display
- Quick nut mounting construction
- Shunt selection capability enables flexible system integration
- Splash proof front panel
- 500 Amp shunt included E and e-mark certified
- Displays time remaining
- Communication/expansion port
- Stores a wide range of history events in internal memory
- Advanced programmable alarm relay
- Battery temperature sensor input
Enerdrive Battery Monitor Specifications

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