Enerdrive Solar Charge Controller 12V 10Amp


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Solar Charge Controller

PWM Solar Charge Controller. Pulse Width Modulation Charge Controllers improve battery life and optimize system performance and will protect your batteries from over charging. Ideal for Motorhomes, Boats, Camping etc. and very convenient unit.

- Protects battery from overcharge and discharge  
- For 12 Volt solar panels and batteries
- LED status indicator provides quick reference to Charger, Battery and load       status
- Handles up to 350 Watts of solar power
- Maintenance free protection of your solar panel and batteries
- Maintain 12V batteries in a fully charged state
- Battery Voltage: 12V 
- Max. panel open circuit voltage: 26V
- Operational Current (no load): <10mA
- Maximum charge current: 10A
- Maximum discharge Current: 10A
- Voltage across terminal (PV to Battery): <0.15V     
- Voltage across terminal (Battery to load): <0.10V  
- Dimensions: (L)34mm x (W)105mm x (H)105mm
- Weight: 0.3Kg