Enviro Mower 24v Battery Pack




Enviro Mower Battery Pack (2 x 10.5Ah Batteries)

Extra Heavy Duty battery replacement - Better than the original batteries.

These two batteries fit inside the plastic battery case. An easy DIY job that takes around 5 minutes to do. Save money and time by using these higher performing batteries. 

These PowerSonic batteries are designed specifically for high-rate discharge applications. The heavy duty construction ensures constant power for the following applications:

Enviro Lawnmowers - Fits all enviromower battery brands. 
Lawnmower battery packs
Electric Motors
Security systems
Spot lighting
Higher Capacity telecommunications 

- 12v 10.5Ah PSH
- Terminals: F2: 6.30mm wide Faston Tab
- Dimensions: (L)151  (W)65  (H)117mm
- Weight: 3.2kg each
- Warranty: 1 year 

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