Fullriver 12V 50Ah Deep Cycle GEL Battery

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Maintenance-free Deep Cycle GEL Battery 

Fullriver Deep-Cycle GEL (DCG Series) batteries are maintenance-free and require no servicing while providing you with the unmatched quality and power of Fullriver advanced deep cycle GEL battery technology. Fullriver GEL batteries featuring long-lasting power delivery and typically superior cycle-life compared to flooded deep-cycle batteries, particularly in harsh environment or demanding applications. Made for deep cyclic performance with fully sealed and vibration resistant and designed to produce 60% more power than standard performance batteries. 

- Excellent energy storage capacity combined with high reliability
- 700 Cycles at 75% DOD
- Grid plate construction consisting of high-purity lead-calcium alloy
- Very low gassing due to the internal gas recombination
- Valve-regulated pressure-relief (VRLA)
- High cycle service life
- Improved high-temperature resistance
- Ultra-reliable
- Volts: 12V
- Amp Hours Rating: 50Ah (C20)
- CCA: -
- Dimensions: (L)241mm  (W)175mm  (H)190mm  
- Terminal Type: AP- Auto Post Terminal
- Weight: 17.7kg
- Warranty: 1 year
12V 50Ah