Fullriver 8V 180Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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Maintenance-free Deep Cycle AGM Battery 

Fullriver batteries are designed for extreme performance and are widely used in numerous applications where durability and power to weight ratio is paramount. Made for deep cyclic performance with fully sealed and vibration resistant and designed to produce 60% more power than standard performance batteries. 

- Thicker, Full-Frame plates 
- High-purity lead-calcium-alloy grids
Dry cell technology with AGM Fully Sealed
- High-Density active plate-improved capacity
- Unique Low-resistance microporous glass-mat separators
- Self-Regulating Pressure Relief Valves
- Faster recharge acceptance
- Longer cycle-life
- Ultra-reliable
- Volts: 8V
- Amp Hours Rating: 180Ah (C20)
- CCA: 940A
- Dimensions: (L)260mm  (W)182mm  (H)268mm  
- Terminal Type: M8-Button Terminal
- Weight: 37kg
- Warranty: 1 year
8V 180Ah