Katana Motorbike battery YTX14AH-BS


$146.00 $194.00


Motorbike battery 

A high performance battery for today’s highest performing machines. Featuring the latest in battery design and technology, Katana MF VRLA batteries deliver unparalleled starting power, require no-ongoing maintenance and provide exceptional vibration and impact resistance.

Katana sports batteries are another top product from Century/Yuasa Batteries. The Katana range of batteries are manufactured to the highest international standards and designed with heavy duty internal materials. Katana sports batteries are designed to provide reliable starting power and performance when it is needed the most.
These Super Sport batteries are suitable for a diverse range of applications

- Volts: 12v 
- CCA: 210
- Ah (10hrs): 12 
- Dimensions: (L)134  (W)89  (H)166mm  

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