Lifeline 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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LIFELINE LL-12V100-27 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V 100AH

Lifeline provides safe LiFePO4 battery solutions for UPS , Energy storage system and Recreational Vehicle. This battery system serves for solutions for UPS , Energy storage system and Recreational Vehicle with perfect compatibility and safe long cycle.

Features and Benefits

• Customized protection board functions and parameters

• Intelligent balance management

• Quickly recharge

• Built-in automatic protection for over-charge and over-discharge

• Faster recharging

• High life cycle

Bluetooth Management system

• Supports series and parallel connection


Cell 3.2V100Ah

Rated Voltage(V): 12.8

Rated Capacity(Ah): 100

Rated Energy(KWh): 1.28

Maximum Charge Current(A): 100

Maximum Discharge Current(A): 200 [3sec]

Life cycle (@25 ,0.5C/0.5C,80%DOD ? ) Approx. 3500

Terminal Type: M8

Dimensions (L x W x H);  307mm x 168mm x 221mm

Nominal weight 12.2kg

3 Year Warranty