Multi Input PTMC340 Battery Charger

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Multi Input 12v 40Amp Solar Controller, AC battery charger and DC to DC charger PTMC340

Great battery charging unit that chargers batteries via Solar panels, the vehicles alternator or as a AC battery charger.   

- Charge Stages: 8 Stages
- 3 Battery Charging Modes (refer below
- Mode 1 - Current Output: DC to DC 40 Amp
- Mode 2 - Current Output: AC mains power 30 Amp
- Mode 3 - Current output: Solar 40 Amp 

- Battery Type: Chargers 12v batteries including: Lead Acid/Calcium, AGM, GEL, Car, Truck and Deep Cycle batteries.

Comes with:
1 x Removeable LED Screen display with 5m extension cord1 x AC power cable
1 x Load current sensor2 x 900mm heavy duty battery cables