Neuton Power NS70 Maintenance Free Automotive Battery

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Neuton Power NS70 battery 700cca 

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Neuton Power Commercial batteries are designed and built tough to provide dependable performance and reliability in haulage and commercial vehicles.
Neuton Power Commercial batteries are the clear choice in performance and reliability for commercial drivers and fleet operators.

Neuton Power Commercial batteries are manufactured using Antimonial and Calcium hybrid plate technology, optimized active paste and heavy duty separators to deliver improved corrosion resistance, reduced water loss and withstand damage from repeated vibration and impact experienced in haulage and commercial environments. 

- Volts: 12
- Plate design: Calcium 
- CCA: 700
- RC (mins): 120
- Dimensions: (L)260  (W)170  (H)225mm   
- Assembly: B (+ - )      
- Terminal: Standard
- Warranty - 24 months