Optima D51RT1 Yellow Top Battery

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Optima D51RT1 Yellow Top Battery

Optima Batteries are the ultimate power source, built for superior performance and longer life in extreme operating conditions. Optima batteries are designed with Spiral Cell technology, where spiral-wound cells replace the flat battery plates found in most traditional batteries.  This unique design offers several performance advantages in deep cycle, marine and starting applications including: 

Optima batteries provide: Greater vibration resistance - More efficient starting power - Longer battery life - Extreme heat resistance - Greater running time - Faster recharge - Maintenance Free - Fully Sealed design

- Volts: 12
- AGM Technology
- CCA: 450
- Ah: (20hr) 38
- Dimensions: (L)236mm (W)128mm (H)226mm
- Terminal: JIS (- +)

Yellow Top
Optima part # 8072-176