Energex Portable 500W Power Station

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Portable 500W Power Station with Pure Sinewave Inverter

This advanced multi-function power station keeps your USB, 12V, and mains powered devices running when you are away from mains power. Use it during power outages, take camping or use it at your next outdoor gettogether to power your Smartphone, Tablet, media player, laptop, lights, or a small power tool. Multiple output port includes a USB Type-A port with Quick Charge and a USB Type-C port with Power Delivery to fast charge your USB devices. The internal Li-ion battery provides up to 518Wh of power (Equivalent to 140Ah portable USB power bank) and can be charged from the supplied mains power adaptor, cigarette lighter power adaptor, or from a solar panel. 


Battery: 518Wh (19.227Ah)
Input: 27V 4.5Ah
Fully Charging Time: About 5 Hours
USB-A*3: 5V 2.4A Max. 24W
Cigarette Lighter Output : 12V 8A Max. 120W
Type-C Input/output: 5V - 20V Max. 60W
Wireless output*2: 10W
Cyclic Life: >3000
Dimension: 288 x 160 x 230mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 7Kg