6/12/24V 8Amp/ 7Stage Battery Charger


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Power Train Battery charger uses intelligent microprocessor charging technology to perform 8 separate charging stages through the charge cycle will improving battery efficiency and overall life. The charger is fully automatic and can be left connected to the battery. Keeping the battery in fully charge state. The charger and battery are protected against accidental reverse connection, making them safer to use. Moreover, the DC supply are protected against overload and short circuit.

- Intelligent microprocessor charging technology 
- Button-less automatic battery voltage selection
- DC power supply mode
- Reverse polarity and short circuit protection      
- Charge batteries with 0 voltage
- Compatible with all Lead acid autonomy batteries
- Calcium specific charge mode with LED indicator and push button select
- 7 Stage automatic (desulphation, soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis, boost, float         and maintain)

- Output: 12v 8A
- Stages: 7 Stage Automatic
- Automotive Battery Size: 12v 120-800ccA / 6-20hrs charge
- Marine Battery Size: 140-1000mcA / 6-20hrs charge
- Deep Cycle Battery Size: 17-150ahr / 6-20hrs charge