Power Train Battery Charger - 10 Amp


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The Power Train PTC10Amp battery charger is a fully automatic 3 stage positive and negative pulse battery charger designed to effectively charge and maintain all conventional lead acid, SLA, calcium, GEL, and AGM batteries. Utilising unique positive and negative pulse algorithms across each charging mode, and coupled with zero voltage start-up, the PTC10000MA is suitable for recharging and indefinitely maintaining deeply discharged batteries from 17a/h up to 400a/h.

- Advanced 3 stage charger with Pulse Mode
- Adjustable Charging Amp output: 4amp, 7amp or 10amp
- Can charge a completely flat battery
- Over charge protection
- Short circuit protection
- Built in microchip monitoring and charging control system
- Reverse polarity protection with warning lights and audible buzzer
- Charging state LED indicators

- Type: 3 Stage Automatic Charger (Boost / Absorption / Float)
- Pulse Mode helps to revive Sulfated batteries and prolong battery life
- Output Voltage Lead Acid: Charge 14.8v / Float 13.8v
- Output Voltage Calcium: Charge 15.6v / Float 13.8v
- Output Voltage Gel: Charge 14.3 / Float 13.3v
- Output Current: 10000mA MAX