US Battery Deep Cycle Battery 12v 155Ah


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Deep Cycle battery 12v 155Ah  

U.S. Battery’s Flooded Lead Acid batteries are engineered and proven to provide the fastest cycle-up to full rated capacity, and have the highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery.

Building the best Flooded Lead Acid Battery on the market comes from a better battery cell design, hand-made construction, and attention to detail. 

Industrial Deep Cycle battery designed for high energy applications such as Golf Carts, Floor Sweepers, Scissor lifts, Work platforms, Winches, and Marine applications.   

- Volts: 12 Wet Flooded
- Ah: (20hr) 155
- Type: Flooded Lead Acid
- Dimensions: (L)340  (W)179  (H)244  (TH)289mm 
- Weight: 39kg
- Terminal: Dual Fit 
12v 155Ah