Worx Enviro Mower 24v Battery Pack


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Worx Lawn Mower Battery Pack (2 x 12v 12Ah Batteries)

Extra Heavy Duty battery replacement - Better than the original 12v 10Ah batteries.

These two batteries fit inside the original plastic battery case. The batteries replace the original 12v 10Ah batteries. These can be changed over with someone who has general DIY skills or we can fit these for you at an additional cost. 

Lawnmower battery packs
Electric Motors
Security systems
Spot lighting
Higher Capacity telecommunications 

- 12v 12Ah SLA battery
Terminals: F2: 6.30mm wide Faston Tab
- Dimensions: (L)151  (W)98  (H)94mm 
- Weight: 3.59kg
- Warranty: 12 months 
PS12120 F2